Dorothy's Pasadena Music Studio

Tips for Success

To enhance your own, or your child's music study:

·  Maintain your piano in proper working condition. This usually means a visit by a piano technician (tuner) twice per year.

·  During practice, make sure there is proper lighting, a distraction-free environment, no TV on.

·  Small students may need a foot rest to maintain good posture.

·  Place your piano in a location where parents can listen and encourage the student, i.e. no piano in bedroom with earphones, please 😊

How to encourage your student (or yourself):

·  Progress on an instrument happens in small increments. Notice and remark on things like:

*  "That's a nice song."

*  "It sounded even better that time."

*  "You played with dynamics!" (i.e. loud and soft sounds)

*  "When you're comfortable, you know who is really going to enjoy hearing this?" (Grandma, the neighbor, a friend)

·  After the lesson, in the car on the way home, ask:

*  What went well today?

*  What was hard?

*  Do you have a new piece?

Regular practice gets the best results:

·  Don't schedule too many weekly activities. Have a balance in life mentally and physically: time to breathe, rest, enjoy friends.

·  Schedule time to practice:

*  Right after the lesson, to cement what was learned, is the most important time to practice.

*  Set a particular time daily, or even two short practice sessions, perhaps 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening.

*  Frequent, short practice is more effective than waiting several days and then trying to make it up with a long practice session.