Dorothy's Pasadena Music Studio


Lessons are scheduled one month at a time. Payment is due during the last lesson of the previous month. You may pay with cash, check, or Zelle. If payment is received after the first day of the month, there will be a $10 late fee. If the bank returns a check, there will be an additional charge of $25. 

Punctuality matters. Students are expected to arrive on time for all lessons. In deference to subsequent students, lessons will end at the tardy student's scheduled time. 

Adult supervision is required for all children as they wait for their lesson to begin. Siblings may enjoy Dorothy’s toy and book collection, but must put everything away when they leave. Parents are encouraged to observe lessons, so that they may confirm that their child is practicing the assigned music. 

Missed lessons may be rescheduled, if the lesson is cancelled the day before the lesson. If the lesson is cancelled the day of the lesson, there will not be a rescheduled lesson or a refund. 

Music materials may be purchased at any music store or on line. Dorothy will give you the information needed for purchasing the appropriate books. Please bring all books to each lesson. 

Tuition Schedule

$35 for each 30 minute lesson 

$50 for each 45 minute lesson

$65 for each 60 minute lesson

MTAC Certificate of Merit is optional. Students who choose to work on this honor, will be responsible for paying the participation fees directly to Music Teachers’ Association of California.