Dorothy's Pasadena Music Studio

Dorothy’s Approach to Teaching Piano

A balanced program is essential. Understanding music from a variety of perspectives increases the pleasure of making music, as well as listening to it.

Dorothy is a member of Music Teachers’ Association of California, so her students have the option of participating in the MTAC Certificate of Merit program. This special curriculum includes classical and modern composers, theory, ear training, as well as performance skills and opportunities.  Click here for MTAC Video

Here are the elements that are covered with all of her students:

Reading Music  Learning to read notes in rhythm makes it possible to select new music on your own. Playing beautifully with emotion and dynamics gives meaning to the pitches and rhythm.

Repertoire  Playing tunes in many styles, you will discover new music to enjoy. Variety makes it possible to suit many different moods.

Performance  Share the joy of making music with friends and family. Express your feelings through your art.

Ear Training  Every musician’s most important instrument is the ear. Learning to identify what you hear simplifies reading music and creating your own. 

History  Learning about the great composers and how music has developed over the centuries deepens the meaning of any music you hear by putting it into a context of history and culture.

Theory  Understanding how music is put together makes reading music easier and more enjoyable. Learning basic theory principles, you will be able to invent your own music, if you like.

Composition  Students are amazed to discover that they can invent their own music. Putting notes together to make your own melody and harmony can be a pleasure. 

(You can hear a recently published handbell composition that Dorothy wrote: )